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Andrea Grützner & KJ

L’Espace transformé

SCHIERKE SEINECKE Gallery is pleased to announce their first exhibition in Paris. The Goethe-Institut Paris invited the gallerists to curate a show with some artists of their programme. Andrea Grützner and Kyoung Jae Cho (KJ) are two photographers. Their work is about transformation of space. Grützner takes pictures of rooms, houses or streets but transforms them to something new and abstract. At first sight it is often very difficult to find out what is actually seen.
KJ builds installations with things that he finds on the streets, things that have no use anymore, except for the artist. He creates installations with them and photographs them. It’s a kind of photoshop but before the photo is actually taken. For the exhibition in Paris he produces an installation in which he will exhibit his works. The visitor has the chance to enter KJ’s installation and finds himself inside an image.

We hope to see you for the opening on Friday, September 21, 7:00 pm.