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Kyoung Jae Cho

The Reveal of the Tooth Pulp

Here you find some installation shots from KJ’s solo exhibition at Amado Art Space in Seoul, South Korea. The Exhibition is on view from 19th November till 20th December, 2018.

Amado Art Space

From the exhibition catalogue at Amado Art Space:

Kyoung Jae Cho “designs the actual space within the view created through the camera lens to resemble an abstract painting and records the process through taking pictures. Having concentrated on the condition, coloring and texture of manufacturing materials that we commonly have access to, such as lumber, iron plates, plastics and styrofoam, he manipulates these materials within the actual space, as it would be done with the touch of a brush or coloring, and designs a different space utilizing the materials in a fashion unrelated to their original function or use. After checking the display within the viewfinder, the actual image is then manipulated once to make corrections. This process is then repeated until the product is complete.”

“Currently, he is working on expanding the scope of photography which is his major work. Rather than the expandability of each project, his perspective is grounded in the process of making that expandability become visible at the actual exhibition locations. The pictures play the role of serving as a crucial medium to express that expandability. The personal exhibition scheduled to open at the Amado Art Space/Lab in November 2018, is an extension of that very process.”

KJ at Schierke Seinecke

We’re looking forward to show KJs work from 18th January at Schierke Seinecke. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, 17th January from 7-9pm.