Sho Hasegawa

Paths of Light

New Winter Landscapes and a flowershop by Sho Hasegawa

In the exhibition “Paths of Light” the Gallery presents new works by Sho Hasegawa. When the young Japanese came to Germany for the first time he loved to watch the people ice-skating in public. This view reminded him of the winter landscapes of Pieter Bruegel. During his studies he developed a technique that allowed him to ice-skate by himself and to capture the surroundings in drawing with a light-pen on a photo-film afterwards. In the last two years he was travelling with his hand-made skates to Finland, Sweden and even the Antarktis to push the genre landscape to a new level.

In the last year Hasegawa transformed an old flower shop into a huge camera. He figured out a technique how the shop was able to take a self-portrait! Sounds crazy looks even more thrilling when you stand in front of the almost eight meter long photo-work that shows light in its materiality.

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