Arno Beck, Sho Hasegawa

Low Tech

Paintings and prints by Arno Beck and Sho Hasegawa

“Low tech” is the common denominator in the work of Arno Beck and Sho Hasegawa. Of course the title has an ironic twist. Arno’s and Sho’s works appear to be quite simple or archaic. But the process in which they are produced is nothing less than “high tech” – in an extraordinary way. Arno’s woodprints, silk-screens or typewriter drawings are technically highly ambitious. Nobody paints with the typewriter like Arno does. The same counts for the sophisticated and mysterious way in which Sho’s photo-drawings are made. He uses a self-made photo black box, self-made ice-skating shoes, self-made electricity, and self-made frames, in short: many unusual high-technologies to create his “Winter Landscapes”.


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