Andrea Grützner

Erbgericht / Tanztee / Das Eck

Three photo-series by Andrea Grützner

In her first solo exhibition in Frankfurt ING UNSEEN Talent Award winner 2017, Andrea Grützner, presented photographs from the series: Erbgericht, Tanztee, and Das Eck. In the first series Andrea deals with memories from her childhood and visualizes them through alienated pictures from the guesthouse “Erbgericht” in Saxony. In this guesthouse primarily women meet every Sunday for a so called “Tanztee” (dancing tea). Andrea tells her story about this very special occasion by portraying old hands and many-colored dresses of the dancing women. Finally, the photographs from “Das Eck” all were shot during her grant “Koblenzer Stadtfotografin 2015” (city photographer of Koblenz). They give fascinating insights into the logic of architectural “corners” in post-world war II Germany.


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